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I don't know about you, but I am DONE with winter!  Here's looking forward to spring!  Give me a call or send me a message to reserve your spot for my Easter Mini sessions today!

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Captain America!

We had a wonderful session with Gabe!  His mommy called me on the way to tell me that Gabe was a little cranky so she told him IF he smiled for his 3 year pictures we could take some pictures of him as Captain America.  So I quickly pulled out this background that reminded me of a scene in "The Avengers" with Captain America and Ironman and figured we would see what we could get!

Well, I was in for a surprise!  Gabe came in and was happy as could be!  The promise of Captain America must have been in his mind.  He did a great job for his "regular" 3 year old pictures...he smiled, and laughed, and hammed it up for the camera!  The pictures are some of my favorites that I have taken of Gabe over the years!

Then it was time for Captain America!  He put that suit and mask on and put the shield on his arm and you could tell he was in his element!  What kid doesn't dream of being a superhero?  And now, he was going to have the pictures to prove it!  I love his "regular" 3 year old pictures, but there is something about his "Captain America" pictures that melt my heart!

I look into Gabe's eyes and they are fearless!  He dreams of being Captain America!  He doesn't care what others think of him or his dream!  As I sat in front of my computer screen later that day, I was reminded that as adults we sometimes lose that sense of "dreaming big."  We become too busy in our daily life and the hardness of reality settles in.  We are worried what others will think of our dream and fear being judged or ridiculed.  Gabe reminded me on that day, I need to dream and dream big!  Who cares what others think?

So, in honor of Captain America, aka Gabe, this is a hats off (or should I say masks off) to those adults who still dream and dream BIG and don't give a flying leap what others think!  Kudos to you!  KEEP ON DREAMING BIG!  XOXOX  Jen

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Zachary's Senior Winter Session

Well, we went out and braved the cold, wintery weather that is Michigan these days!  Zachary was awesome! Look at those baby blues!

It was cold but so worth it!  Winter photo sessions are amazing!  There is nothing like the snow and muted colors you get in winter! We all had a few breaks to warm up in nature center on site and afterwards something warm to drink. :)

When we first started, I have to say I was freezing!  (I know Zachary was too!)  The amazing part is that after getting into the session, I no longer felt the cold.  It was all about being "in the moment" of taking these images and nothing else registered!  Zachary and I were "one with snow" ;)  I truly LOVE my profession!  Thank you Zachary for letting me be a part of your senior experience!

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Welcome! I am so excited with the new directions that TMKP is going!  New blog!  Stay tuned for upcoming specials and events!

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